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This can be enabled by the following statement in /etc/strongswan.conf: By default strong Swan uses NTRU parameters optimized for both size and speed by Security Innovation.

If compatibility with the ANSI X9.98-2010 standard is needed, the following NTRU parameter sets can be configured in where x9_98_speed optimizes the NTRU parameters for processing speed, x9_98_bandwidth for network bandwidth, i.e.

Security Innovation, Inc., the owner of the NTRU public key cryptography system, made the intellectual property and a sample implementation of NTRUEncrypt available to the public domain in 2017 with the goal of enabling more widespread adoption of this superior cryptographic technology.

It allows to break several concrete instances of YASHE, a NTRU-based FHE scheme, but it is not as efficient as the hybrid method of Howgrave-Graham on concrete parameters of NTRU.NTRU Encryption has been standardized by IEEE Std 1363.1-2008 and ANSI X9.98-2010.The strong Swan ntru plugin uses NTRU encryption as an IKE key exchange algorithm in the following way: Since the Diffie-Hellman Group Transform IDs 1030..1033 selected by the strong Swan project to designate the four NTRU key exchange strengths are taken from the private-use range, the strong Swan vendor ID must be sent by the charon daemon.LLL Algorithm 2010: 349-390 We provide a brief history and overview of lattice based cryptography and cryptanalysis: shortest vector problems, closest vector problems, subset sum problem and knapsack systems, GGH, Ajtai-Dwork and NTRU.A detailed discussion of the algorithms NTRUEncrypt and NTRUSign follows.Updated 2003/06 to reflect slight improvements in the running times, and to extend the analysis from binary keys to "product form" keys.