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Full Story If Jesse James got pregnant, carried a baby around inside him, and then birthed it on national television, they’d probably forgive him. It whitewashed Tori Spelling’s infidelity and it is now whitewashing Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart of their drug scandal. Full Story She homewrecked another woman’s baby daddy, suffered for it personally and professionally, walked around looking like ass for the better part of 3 years with unmistakable Karma Face…but since breaking up with Billy Crudup and taking up with Hugh Dancy the maybe gaybe Claire Danes has experienced somewhat of a resurgence. And while I have no confirmation otherwise, let’s offer up another suggestion, shall we? And now she’s dating Hugh Dancy who allegedly makes out with boys too.

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Hikari uses an IM like interface to talk to you and is mainly just for fun at the moment.

I bet a bunch of prudes and soccer moms complained enough so the developer blocked all "bad" words. This app used to be good and the bot would say funny things.

If we weren't able to talk to each other, we'd struggle to get by in life.

But a bot that can get you out of a parking ticket without a hassle?

It's a reality: You can choose trial by combat and call on a chat bot as your champion against the government.