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Fashion has also given me a platform to raise awareness for refugees.My story illustrates that refugees are not so different to everybody else, not so alien after all.Walk down the street and look around you; I bet you can’t say who has a refugee story in their family and who does not.Maybe they came from Sudan, from Afghanistan, maybe they came from Bosnia, or maybe their grandparents fled Europe in the Second World War or even further back in time.FRIDAY FOUND Alek Wek, unusually, at home in her New York studio flat. Not primarily because her status as a top model demands something grander, but because she has a large family - including eight brothers and sisters - and she would like to be able to put them up when they visit.She is in the process of buying an apartment in Brooklyn, with a couple more rooms, and the purchase will represent the latest stage in a remarkable journey.

Related: 10 Top Models From Africa Alek might not be an ordinary model, but her authenticity and confidence make her extraordinary in a world where superficiality and self-loathing rules. I was teased for my big feet, for being too tall, for having bad skin,’ she told The Guardian in 2014. ‘It never crossed my mind.’ Related: 8 Reasons Lupita Nyong’o Is Today’s Face Of Beauty Born in South Sudan in 1977, Alex is the seventh of nine children."I'm not the sort of girl to meet people in the street and just chat away with them, but she was really sweet. "I'm really proud and thankful that I've got out of my country and that I have my family here. If my mother hadn't encouraged me, I would be nervous and feeling like I'm doing something wrong." THURSDAY, and it has to be Milan.I told my mother about it and she wasn't sure as she wanted me to study. But the first call is not to collect the details for her catwalk appearances, it is a press conference to publicise the work of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and World Vision.From there, through a sister, she found asylum in England.She has been modelling since she was spotted, at the age of 18, in a London street by an agency talent scout who asked if she could take a picture of her.She has a net worth of million dollars as per the monetary evaluation.