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Jennifer and Toby met in 2003 on a movie set and became engaged in April 2006; their daughter Ruby Sweetheart Maguire was born on November 10 2006.

The new parents married the following autumn, and had second child, son Otis Tobias Maguire, on May 8 2009. Similarly, Courtney ended her longterm marriage to fellow actor David Arquette, with whom she shares a daughter, Coco, now 13.

Notice how she saved most of the ugliness for the girl which is telling. Maybe they were enjoying the freakout but they had a responsibility to tell her to settle down or leave when she escalated the issue.[quote]Where was the "racism"?

I don't think there was racism, but at the end of the video there was xenophobia. But when you deal with the public, I imagine you get tired of all the dramatics. Especially with the attacks mostly directed at the "whore (of Babalon! Glad I'm home in bed.[quote] She told some guy to leave the country or something and that really got him pissed off.

I've been trying to think about what I will miss most, the screaming switchbacks that pull water streaming from my eyes, sliced fresh avocado after a grind back up a climb, kites and hawks circling the thermals, a long hot shower after a day in the saddle. Like-minded cyclists who sign up for a climbing camp - something my coworkers have never heard of - who come out to ride, enjoy the sun, and challenge yourself. I spent an hour climbing Latigo Canyon and was passed by not a single car.

I got back to New York Saturday night with 2 inches on the ground. The views rival the Alps, very different but spectacular.

But, still, it was enough of a starting point for OK! Because of course it would totally be a good gossip story.

I’d be into if it were true – Charlize and Gabriel Aubry, I mean the red carpet photos would be f-cking spectacular.

And there’s even one of him talking to another blonde woman in a yellow baseball cap.

Most of the climbs switchback up the sides of mountains so you get a real sense of how high up you are, looking down at the road and ocean far below.

Did the Santa Monica Mountains Climbing Camp - amazing experience!

Magazine reported yesterday (via the Daily Mail) that Charlize Theron and Gabriel Aubry are dating. Magazine is not exactly a leader in reliable gossip.

So here’s how this story happened: On May 27, Charlize and Gabriel were photographed in Santa Monica with their children.