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And you can’t always tell who those are going to come from!

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So in the spirit of thumbing your frost-bitten nose at Old Man Winter, here are four ways to play in Mesa, starting with mild and heating up to wild.

Because today Westjet starts offering direct seasonal flights from Canada to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (AZA).

Add the interesting juxtaposition that it's the fifth-largest state (121,589 square miles), but has a population of about 2 million people (about half the population of Los Angeles), making it one of the least densely populated states in the country.

Walk into any New Mexico restaurant, order an enchilada or burrito and the waitress will ask the inevitable: Red, green, or Christmas?

, snow shovel - and flee to a place where a desert sun coaxes small beads of perspiration from my brow. After wandering into the wrong wing of this gorgeous and modern arts center, my husband and I locate the subterranean galleries.

Instead of winter whiteouts, I want inky orange and scarlet sunsets. Not only is it an inspired space, it's a cool afternoon escape and it's free to visit.

Put this in the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up category: A legislator in Arizona has said that there should be no compulsory education, and he wants to repeal a state law that mandates that young people attend school.

I had a most interesting, if too brief, conversation with Lauren. So we talked about the upcoming ceremony, the various commemorative events around Honolulu, the bar, and about his newly published book, “Second to the Last to Leave USS Arizona;” I had compulsively bought a signed-copy as soon as I saw it on sale at the bar (as a naval historian, I could not help myself.) That night I read his book, and understood.Memorabilia from that ill-fated ship grace the walls of the bar, some pre-dating the attack.But this night, I had been invited by family members of the remaining Arizona survivors to hang with them and Arizona survivor Lauren Bruner, and I could not possibly pass up an opportunity to personally pay my respects and express my gratitude for the service of a survivor of the USS Arizona, before it’s too late.When it comes to education, his campaign website says this: A good quality education is essential in preparing the next generation.I believe that parents understand the needs of their children better than bureaucrats and I am a proponent of education choice.With some direction from a smiley volunteer we make our way through the five current exhibits.