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The music is (as always) BRILLIANT and the gameplay is witty, humorous and always easy to master! Maybe one day when we're all very old a Medievil 3 will come out. Everybody says resurrection was kind of a joke, but ill try it just because i love Medievil.

(tho ressurection kinda disapointed me for being a comedy other that a goth style adventure) A nd i heard somewhere that they're ACTUALLY doing a Medievil game for ps3.

The PSP installment in this series takes place 100 years after the evil sorcerer Zarok was defeated at the Battle of Gallowmere.

Religion List: Catholicism Orthodoxy Sunni Islam Shia Islam Tengri Paganism Bogomiliism Nestorianism Catharism Agents: TBD Release Date: TBD Links: Total War Center: Tier 1: Early Period Knyaz Guard (early) Skirmishers (still working on name) Rus Hunters Luchniki (early) Smerd Spearmen (early) Heavy Smerd Spearmen Spear Bogatyri Smerd Infantry (early) Moldovian Warriors Bogatyri Dismounted Druzina Guard Axemen (early) Druzina Senior Druzina Tier 2: High Period Knyaz Guard (high) Luchniki Dismounted Boyar Sons Smerd Samostreltsi Samostreltsi Smerd Spearmen (high) Spear Ratniki (high) Smerd Infantry (high) Ratniki (high) Dismounted Boyars Smerd Axemen (high) Guard Axemen (high) Chernye Klobuki Boyar Sons Izgoi Scouts Otroki Boyars Tier 3: Late Period Knyaz Guard (late) Dismounted Dvor Rus Handgunners Smerd Spearmen (late) Spear Ratniki (late) Smerd Infantry (late) Ratniki (late) Dismounted Kievan Nobles Smerd Axemen (late) Guard Axemen (late) Rus Horse Archers Dvor Pomostniki Vitjaz Kievan Nobles A huge thanks to Ltd, slytacular, Lucem for models and textures for this roster.

The overall score for the game is 4.9 on Google Play.

This application has been downloaded and set up by over 100 users and the most recent release is dated September 23, 2011.

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