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Mendes gave a low-key interview about motherhood that November.
Almost 21% said they were the victim of some type of dating-related violence.

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Since the team will not be under the supervision of Adam or Jamie, curious fans wonder if the show will be restricted by the show’s directors or if Tory, Grant, and Kari will be able to let loose and do the things they always wanted to do on at all.

It is possible that the show will not focus on busting myths at all, but instead be based on the science stuff we all want to figure out but don’t have the means to.

Kari Byron, who is on the Build Team on Mythbusters, is pregnant.

What better opportunity for her to debunk some pregnancy myths?

Everyone at Discovery wants to thank them for their tireless work busting almost 1,000 myths, and we wish them all the best on their future endeavors.” Speaking of future endeavors, a source with knowledge of the situation says Discovery Communications hopes to work with the ousted three, either on Discovery Channel, Science or one of its other networks.

online, but only found an obscure disturbing movie that is obviously not related.

However, since the build team is on board with the show, there is speculation that the popular trio will be reunited to perform stunts and create science experiments similar to their roles on leaked the trio’s reunion in July, letting the readers know that Tory, Grant, and Kari were working on a new show that will feature “gadgets, science, and destruction galore.” Filming for the new series started on May 23.

It was recently announced that the show was coming to an end, and stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman seem equal parts saddened and relieved by the news.

Spread the word, and let’s help stamp out some of these ridiculous myths about pregnancy!

The move isn’t a total shock — ratings were getting softer, and the show needed a refresh.

It could also be something completely different altogether, as Anderson claims.

is sure to circulate across the Internet for some time, until Netflix chooses to provide potential viewers with previews of the original series.