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If you're a guy on a dating site, here are some surefire ways to have me block you within 5 seconds of that first IM/email:- Starting off with "Hey sexy"..."Hey gorgeous"..."Hey beautiful"..pretty much any cheesy compliment that you think gets you bonus oints - it won't.- Having one or many shirtless pics. So kindly fuck off.- Majority or all of your pics being self-portraits a la camera phone in the bathroom or your car. You must have some regualr pictures of you with friend lying around somewhere. This may look good to guys looking at your profile.

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The character first appeared on-screen in September 2006 and left in August 2010 after Mc Carthy quit the show.He is noted for his storylines involving the PEP drug, a bisexual love triangle, his outlandish personality and being the only permanent cross dressing character in a British soap opera.Not knowing your wife, I can't guess how amenable she would be to counseling.

She's a few years younger than my wife, very open-minded and liberal.The outcome seems to have been the same as tossing a coin: Heads it worked, tails it didn't.After decades of reading your column, and 10 years after trying counseling to save a marriage, I'm still ...Following his departure, it was announced that Mc Carthy would return in November 2010 for a short stint.The character was created as one of four new students to be introduced into the series in 2006.- Hopeless Cross-Dresser DEAR CROSS-DRESSER: If this is who you are, you should have told your wife about your need to cross-dress before you married her.