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To make friends with each other, we supplied our amateur swingers with a forum as an addition.
However, Flair was the undisputed King of Partiers in his prime, a man who could drink until 4 in the morning and wrestle an hour the next night before doing it all again, and that’s what I want to focus on this week. Flair’s probably had more fun blacked out drunk than you’ve had in your entire life.

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The third category, however, are the reality programs that are so bad we can’t believe they made it on the air.

Watching our generation’s biggest pop star Britney Spears down bags of Cheetos and then burp them up? Having to see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt fend for themselves in the jungle (or do anything, for that matter)? And no one wants to watch Lohan family drama unfold without Lindsay. To that end, we’ve rounded up 15 reality shows that make up this third (and frightening) category.

For those of you who don't have girlfriends to keep you up to date on the world of reality TV, the background for the show is as follows: Last year, MTV ran a show called "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" , on which 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women competed for the affection of a bisexual woman named Tila Tequila.

Neither the guys nor the girls were aware that Tile was a bisexual until close to the end of the show.

Since we think (and write) a lot about reality TV, we tend to place them in three specific groups: The Greats, the Guilty Pleasures, and the Are You Kidding Me? They’ve usually got a competitive edge with a hints of strategy and drama.

Some include “The Amazing Race,” “Project Runway,” “Top Chef,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “The Mole” (a wildcard, we know, but Anderson Cooper totally nailed it as host) Then you’ve got the The Guilty Pleasures.

It was during college that their modeling careers took off as they started hosting parties for a living and were later featured on billboards and in numerous calendars and advertisements across the country.

Warning: these shows are highly addictive, if pretty pointless.

Yes, we’re talking about “Keeping up With the Kardashians,” “Jersey Shore,” “The Hills,” “The Bachelor,” and all the “Real Housewives.” These shows usually follow a group of people who don’t much, and while there’s no doubt that we kill a couple of brain cells watching them, we’re not ashamed to admit that we love—and DVR—them.

Born October 24, 1981, in Singapore, Tila Nguyen first gained notoriety for her popularity on the Internet.

To date, the Houston-raised bad girl has acquired nearly 4 million friends on My Space, though her reach extends far beyond that thanks to her blog, Twitter account, reality TV dating show, book and music career.