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Self updating contacts

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Watch the Primary Contact and Passport Advantage Online Access video.

It explains The Administration Contact [if different from the Primary Contact] is your Site's designated contact for all administrative documents including Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices, software upgrade availability notifications and Proofs of Entitlement.

List segmentation is a tool that lets you view and send campaigns to subscribers who share specific common qualities.

When you create a segment in Mail Chimp, you can save it as an auto-update or a static segment.

Contacts that are recognized, will be updated accordingly. Name automatically update the contacts or to update them only after receiving confirmation by the user. Name allow users to add multiple email accounts but note that changes will only be made to the master address book.

If you have two separate email accounts with two sets of contacts you want to keep separate, connect them to Write That. An added feature is the email confirmation feature.

Emailing is another medium of communication which is being widely used.

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Recommended Reading: Essential Guide To Managing Google Contacts To start updating contact details automatically, browse over to Write That. When an email reaches a Gmail or MS Outlook Inbox, Write That.

And as innovation in the address book space has stagnated among the big players, that’s left room for startups to come in and try to fix the problem.

For example, late last year a company called Addappt launched a similar app to Cobook, also with a heavy focus on the auto-updating functionality.

For auto-update segments, we’ll check for new contacts who meet the segment conditions before you send an email campaign, and you can also edit the segment anytime.

In contrast, we won’t update a static segment, and they can’t be edited.